Mistakes to be Avoided on Social Media

Avoidable mistakes on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Which are crucial tools of every social media marketer. Almost every brand, businesses, and influencers are in a cut-throat competition to be unique. Your best intentions and time might not be enough to create a content reach, resulting in people not loving and sharing […]

How to optimize and increase sales on social media

Having an online presence is not new nowadays. Many brands and sales professionals have now started selling and creating a sales strategy revolving around social media selling. Wave goodbye to the traditional sales approach. Let’s welcome the social media selling, which is a modern-times approach connecting brands with targeted customers and providing valuable resources by […]

Don’t Stop Spending On Your Brand in Time Of Crisis

  Given the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been serious implications on people, healthcare services and business. While the demand for medical care and essential goods skyrocket through the roof, consumers cut expenses on luxury goods such as fine dining, apparel, beauty, and hospitality. As the global economy succumbs to the recession, bankruptcies and corporate layoffs […]