Improve Your Digital Advertising Strategy With Performance Marketing

Performance marketing is the newest digital advertising that ensures that advertisers get the most out of their advertisements. Performance marketing is a specific advertising scheme where the advertisers only pay when a specific action occurs. It is an ad click, a conversion, a lead generation, or some other form of engagement.    How does performance […]

What Are Native Advertising And Its Types?

Native advertising displays paid advertisements that align with the tone and style of the page where it is put up. This distinguishing feature of such paid content is that they are non-disruptive and blend with the page’s look and feel. So, the native ads do not appear like regular ads that pop out. Where are […]

How to Use & Create LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

Introduction Now lead generation ads have got a fillip because LinkedIn’s new exciting feature called Lead Gen Forms makes it possible to generate leads while using the LinkedIn app. LinkedIn states that most conversions happen via the mobile app; therefore when using this feature ensure to prioritize mobile ads. LinkedIn believes that web forms do […]

Different Ways To Get Website Traffic

Although organic SEO is the best way to build a website’s reputation, it has to be said – it takes time. So there is no harm in applying a hybrid model. One that employs the best of both worlds – organic and paid SEO. This way, not only are you kickstarting the website traffic generation […]

Ankit Nalotia – CEO and Founder of MoMantra – Receiver of IMPACT Digital Power 100 Recognition

India is prepared to redefine further; it’s already transforming economy. Enormous opportunities prevail for organizations and individuals to leverage various digital infrastructure platforms to create and ride on a new wave of digital innovation. With a boom in the Internet, digital marketing has become a prime source of bringing business through the Internet and thereby […]

Momantra – A Creative Agency – The Journey So Far

A journey of thousand miles begins but with a single step. A bunch of enthusiastic young minds who loved to imagine, create, and discover themselves through their obsession with taking up new challenges in the world of design and technology came up with Mo Mantra in 2014. These enthusiasts created some tailor-made digital marketing solutions […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for beginners

There is so much written about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that it becomes overwhelming for beginners to get the fundamental knowledge and know-how of SEO. It has to be said that SEO has advanced and come a long way – but that should not stop beginners from understanding this technology. The following information provides a […]

How Do Jingles Help With Branding?

To be able to sing a catchy tune in your head the second you hear its first tone… To be able to recognize an advertisement milliseconds into its opening ‘number,’ which is essentially a tune, a tone, a ping, a jingle… This is, oddly enough, great power to wield. Ask any advertiser or marketing expert […]

Are Print Ads Really Effective?

Results speak louder then rumours. That said, it is only fair to test the effectiveness of print ads against real results. Is this ad medium dead, thriving, or somewhere in between?   People Interaction Despite the Digital Age and its growing prominence in everyone’s lives, people are still drawn to good old-fashioned paper products. These […]

What Is Digital Marketing And Its Types?

Digital marketing is called by many names such as Internet marketing, online marketing, content marketing, etc. There is no denying that digital marketing has transformed the dynamics of consumerism, trade, and industry. Traditional ways of marketing have been superseded and replaced by digital initiatives. The Internet is currently a very powerful source of information, innovation, […]

How to build a UI/UX design website!

Every designer starting out in their career has his/her own ups and downs in figuring out the terminology and technicalities in the field. Today, there is a high demand for UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) website designers to make any website look classy and function smoothly as well. To keep it simple, you must know about […]