Momantra – A Creative Agency – The Journey So Far

A journey of thousand miles begins but with a single step. A bunch of enthusiastic young minds who loved to imagine, create, and discover themselves through their obsession with taking up new challenges in the world of design and technology came up with Mo Mantra in 2014. These enthusiasts created some tailor-made digital marketing solutions […]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for beginners

There is so much written about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), that it becomes overwhelming for beginners to get the fundamental knowledge and know-how of SEO. It has to be said that SEO has advanced and come a long way – but that should not stop beginners from understanding this technology. The following information provides a […]

How Do Jingles Help With Branding?

To be able to sing a catchy tune in your head the second you hear its first tone… To be able to recognize an advertisement milliseconds into its opening ‘number,’ which is essentially a tune, a tone, a ping, a jingle… This is, oddly enough, great power to wield. Ask any advertiser or marketing expert […]

Are Print Ads Really Effective?

Results speak louder then rumours. That said, it is only fair to test the effectiveness of print ads against real results. Is this ad medium dead, thriving, or somewhere in between?   People Interaction Despite the Digital Age and its growing prominence in everyone’s lives, people are still drawn to good old-fashioned paper products. These […]

What Is Digital Marketing And Its Types?

Digital marketing is called by many names such as Internet marketing, online marketing, content marketing, etc. There is no denying that digital marketing has transformed the dynamics of consumerism, trade, and industry. Traditional ways of marketing have been superseded and replaced by digital initiatives. The Internet is currently a very powerful source of information, innovation, […]

How to build a UI/UX design website!

Every designer starting out in their career has his/her own ups and downs in figuring out the terminology and technicalities in the field. Today, there is a high demand for UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) website designers to make any website look classy and function smoothly as well. To keep it simple, you must know about […]

How to optimize your ads on Google?

Optimizing Google ads? Really? How? Let us look at it in this way. When a person searches or surfs the web for something specific, they will ignore any irrelevant pop-ups or web pages results opening in front of them. The customers know what they’re looking for. If one knows what the customers are looking for, […]

How Start-ups Can Survive and Succeed!!

The State of Things The ideas below are not just in keeping with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but also to help start-ups survive in a world of tech giants. The COVID-19 crisis has seen to 31% of businesses shutting down permanently, according to FastCompany. 41% of business were left with little choice but to access […]

Looking for effective & organic SEO techniques? Here’s a list to get you started

In today’s world of digital and social media marketing, organic SEO services have now become the need of the hour. Over the past few years, search engine optimization has gained momentum across all platforms. Every person looking to make a career in media and related fields has made it a point to equip themselves with […]

How to optimize static and dynamic websites?

Technology aided marketing has enabled businesses to launch websites to offer products and services online. However, a lot of effort goes into creating the right website in compliance with the web standards working efficiently.   One should know that the primary section of a website is web design. A perfect web design effectively and efficiently […]

How to optimize and increase sales on social media

Having an online presence is not new nowadays. Many brands and sales professionals have now started selling and creating a sales strategy revolving around social media selling. Wave goodbye to the traditional sales approach. Let’s welcome the social media selling, which is a modern-times approach connecting brands with targeted customers and providing valuable resources by […]