Momantra – A Creative Agency – The Journey So Far

A journey of thousand miles begins but with a single step. A bunch of enthusiastic young minds who loved to imagine, create, and discover themselves through their obsession with taking up new challenges in the world of design and technology came up with Mo Mantra in 2014. These enthusiasts created some tailor-made digital marketing solutions that the world had never seen or believed to have been in numerous sectors such as travel, retail, real estate, pharmaceutical, apparel, IT, and that’s just to name a few. They have created brands and have driven them to their dream realized. Working with over 100 plus brands from diverse sectors and a client retention rate of 87%, Mo Mantra is genuinely an expert in digital marketing.


What Inspires Minds At MoMantra?


Challenges, working out from scratch, and building a brand from just a name is what drives the young minds at Mo Mantra. Continuous ideation, bubbling creativity, and a thirst to prove themselves make the young team of Mo Mantra what it is today. They are lovingly called the 3 a.m. friends by many of their clients. Just walk in with your troubles and leave being the most sought after brand. That’s Mo Mantra!


What Does Momantra Do?


Mo Mantra has created a storm in the world of digital marketing. They provide best-in-class services in digital marketing, website and app development, corporate branding, AV, films and brand jingles, and creative designing. Mo mantra helps you open windows of opportunities worldwide.


Talking of brands, MoMantra is proud to be associated with Candour London, Erth, Oneleph and Co., Seros logistics, HTL Aircon, MICL, Chheda, Salary Dost, Champion, with many more.

Imparting knowledge through their blogs, MoMantra shares their gain with some fabulous blogs such as optimizing increasing sales on social media, SMS and email marketing, OOH marketing, optimizing Google ads, mobile-friendly websites, startup studios, types of digital marketing, and many more.


Working Style At Mo Mantra 


Everything happens over a cup of tea @ MoMantra.


Mo Mantra created world-class brands with some brainstorming sessions over a cuppa tea and some young minds scratching their heads to pelt out some fantastic ideas.


There are many interesting Mo Mantra case studies, including one for the web creation of a website where six different identities wanted to operate under a Single business head of Logistics. They had to be compiled into a single brand name and relaunched targeting the B2B sector.


Another interesting case study includes one that of an apparel brand for trunks and socks for men. It was a startup and had to be launched in the market and made to be seen as different from others. It included a bold and vibrant approach starting from the website to social media communication, including all the digital marketing services.


Yet another case involved a client wanting to create a brand identity that was contemporary and ethnic at the same time. Mo Mantra helped achieve that objective by keeping the brand name and logo classy yet straightforward. They planned the launch with a teaser followed by the first collection showcase.


These are just a few examples of the sheer hard work and creativity put in by MoMantra, which is unique to every client. At Mo Mantra, they do not believe in cliched solutions because they know that one solution may not work for the other as every client is unique with a unique marketing issue.


What Has Momantra Earned?


Hard work and dedication bring awards, rewards, and recognition. After four years of sheer hard work and perseverance, the years 2019 and 2020 arrived with a bang of Mo Mantra receiving much-deserved recognition. Various awards and recognitions are showered on Mo Mantra for being either the best digital agency or the best advertising agency of the year, business awards, and certificates of appreciation. Mo Mantra looks forward to achieving more and more progress.


Each has to travel its path, for it cannot be prescribed or replicated. Each one of us is born unique, and so are our circumstances. Yes, this is the foundation of Mo Mantra.


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