Mistakes to be Avoided on Social Media

Avoidable mistakes on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Which are crucial tools of every social media marketer. Almost every brand, businesses, and influencers are in a cut-throat competition to be unique. Your best intentions and time might not be enough to create a content reach, resulting in people not loving and sharing your content. 

The most common factor of these issues is people choosing quantity over quality. Unreadable fonts and making some common design mistakes can make your posts complete yet unfulfilled. Making minor changes in the way you post can help you reach more audiences and also be shareable and loved.

Take a look at the most common Social Media Design mistakes that people tend to make without even realizing it.

Some Common Social Media Design Mistakes to be Avoided

  • Blurry Visuals

Do your composed images get blurry after posting them on our favorite social media platforms? You are not the only one, as the majority of the crowd is facing such complications. 

Uploading small image files tends to stretch the actual image resulting in damage to the quality of your original content and making it unprofessional. So using High-Resolution images is always preferable as large image files appear good even after being compressed.

  • Fussy Fonts

Applying proper fonts is essential as it back-bones your content and gives a more professional look. The more your outcome looks professional, then it is more likely to be shared. You might get stuck in using prettier fonts for posts, but pretty fonts can deduct your reach credibility if it’s unreadable.

So choosing neat fonts like Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica which are easy to read is always recommended. As you have limited time to propagate your message to the viewers and you cannot afford to waste their time in understanding your context.

  • Not Using Grids

Randomly posting texts in graphics is another common mistake that Social media marketers tend to make. Also not using proper alignment to your text can change the motive of your message, leading to unworthiness.

If you love adding abstract texts to your design for gaining attention, make sure your texts are properly aligned

  • Limiting Viewing Options

Does your image look the same on a desktop as well as on a cell phone? If not it is very important for you to understand how your audience is viewing the content and adapt to the style accordingly.

It is not obligatory that your content would appear the same on different media platforms or devices. Having proper knowledge about your audience can help you create your content in a more specific way.

Hope these tips would thrive you in creating more engaging content and avoid you from making common Social Media Design Mistakes.         

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