Looking for effective & organic SEO techniques? Here’s a list to get you started

In today’s world of digital and social media marketing, organic SEO services have now become the need of the hour. Over the past few years, search engine optimization has gained momentum across all platforms. Every person looking to make a career in media and related fields has made it a point to equip themselves with this system of marketing. Search Engine Optimisation, simply put, refers to placing words and phrases in such a manner that increases the quality and quantity of the traffic that your website generates.


However, in many cases, SEO can be achieved through paid services like ads and promotions. There are many ways in which you can attract traffic using organic SEO services and techniques. Some include:


  1. Keep the blog post easy to read

    Every time someone is brought to your landing page, they read the content of your website. In most cases, the people using this website prefer skimming through the text. So, the language used in the content must be easy to read and organic. For instance, shorter sentences and paragraphs can go a long way in retaining someone’s attention. However, when trying to achieve SEO organically, it is also essential that all the sentences are not very short, there should be an equal balance of long and short sentences, to keep the reader engaged in the content.

  2. Sub-headings

    If you divide your content into various sub-heads, it is easier for the reader to understand the concept better. Instead of reading an essay-like post, it is more readable and pleasing to the eye if the content is evenly distributed. Another point to be noted is that when you split the content into sub-heads, the reader will have the option to skim through the text and get the gist of it all, instead of having to search for the specific details they are looking for. Organic SEO Services will ensure that you follow this system.

  3. Inverted Pyramid Writing Style

    The best way to get your reader’s attention to the main point of information while using organic SEO services is to follow the Inverted Pyramid style of writing. Though mostly used in journalistic writing, this can help you get the reader’s attention fast. In this writing style, the most important information, that answers the 5 Ws and H, is included in the first paragraph. The lesser important information (or the parts of the information that don’t need as much attention) can be mentioned in the following sections. In short, you include the most valuable takeaways of the content in the first paragraph of the post.

  4. Keywords

    In Organic SEO, of course, keywords are one of the most important aspects of writing a post. The keywords that you use are, in turn, the things that redirect the user or reader on to your website or page. It is essential that you use the keywords smartly and not force them together to get more traffic.


Mo Mantra uses the best tactics to attract good traffic to your website. We offer organic SEO services of the best quality. The techniques mentioned above of effective search engine optimization barely scratch the surface. However, we can give it a start.

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