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Key Principle of Growth Marketing on LinkedIn - Mo Mantra

Key Principle of Growth Marketing on LinkedIn.

Key Principle of Growth Marketing on LinkedIn

Marketers often tend to cater to one element of the marketing strategy through a singular outlook. Typically marketers spend more on-demand marketing than brand marketing. However, the research shows that balanced investment in both can help to optimize your growth marketing.

These are the key principles that call for a Balanced Approach to your Brand.

  • Customer and Non Customer

Sustain the growth by targeting both existing customers and new customers together. The research shows that business growth is fueled by increasing customer loyalty.

  • Awareness Frame 

In order to grow, your brand needs to be recognized and remembered by consumers. Plan your campaigns that aim to increase your company’s growth and achieve fame.  

  • Short Term and Long Term 

Short-term demand generation and long-term brand campaigns both are equally important to a company’s growth. Short-term efforts help in creating the demand whereas long-term campaigns efficiently convert the demand into revenue. So invest in both to drive the growth of your brand.

  • Broad & Narrow Targeting 

Broaden your target audience and go beyond your existing customers in order to grow. A broad targeting strategy is the best way to drive business growth whereas Narrow Targeting focuses on a particular audience and uses the idea of “being the best to a certain audience”.

It will be great to know what kind of marketing strategy you apply for your business, do share your business growth marketing in the comments.

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