How to optimize your ads on Google?

Optimizing Google ads? Really? How? Let us look at it in this way. When a person searches or surfs the web for something specific, they will ignore any irrelevant pop-ups or web pages results opening in front of them. The customers know what they’re looking for. If one knows what the customers are looking for, then there can be a  focus on the campaigns, related keywords, related ads, landing pages, etc. to ensure the right shopper at the right time with the right product.

Optimizing Google Ads is a mammoth task. Below given are some of the ways which can be helpful to optimize the google ads most naturally:

  1. Review, Refine and Renew those keywords –

One has to keep this point in mind at Google searches and deal with real people with real requirements. These requirements, as well as their popularity, have changed over time. Therefore, review the keywords regularly to eliminate those who have a CTR of less than 1% even after optimisation. Furthermore, refine and renew the list of keywords as they are ever emerging with changes around. A mixture of old and new relevant ads and landing pages will ensure an improvement in the quality score, have a low CPC and higher conversion rate.

  1. Formulating advanced keyword strategy –

Add two or three additional words to a single keyword to make it long-tail and effective. Make use of specific keywords directly related to the ad group and the landing page of the chosen theme. Moreover, add or include these keywords in the ad text or the headline of the ad for the people who see it and find it directly relevant to their search. While using a keyword of a broad match, make sure to combine them with the phrase match or the exact match bid types for targeting and delivering the best response.

  1. Location targeting –

Several AdWords accounts have a specific single campaign targeted to a single location. In case if the product or service is specific to a location, then use the AdWords, location targeting features to target the people in those areas in which there will be a sale of the product or service on offer. There is no point in showing an ad in a location where it’s not reachable. Make the location service based on the IP address to make it more perfect.

  1. Create alluring but straightforward ads with a strong CTA –

Think about what makes the product or service stand apart from the rest? Highlight the unique features or promotions like free shipping or sale in the ad with essential differences from the other products. Also, the ad should have a strong call to action, which encourages the users to click on the ad, helping them understand how to reach the landing page for connecting with the seller. Try words like buy, sell, order now, browse, get a quote, and so on.

  1. Test, Test, Test –

Keep testing continuously for the ad campaigns’ performance and the response rate for the campaign. Keep experimenting with the ads and the call to action phrases to determine which of them is the most effective for achieving the advertising goals. Also, keep a track on which ads perform better than the others and make a comparative analysis for future reference. Review the ad performance for discovering the best ways to achieve the goals. Do not forget to notice the click-through rate or the conversion rate at the same time. The sales process, the unique bid cost, and profit margins are the determining factors for the exact conversion rate required to make a profit. If the conversion rate is less than 1%, then there is something wrong with the keyword which needs to be changed.

  1. Run a campaign –

Schedule or run a campaign when the target customers are online. In this way, one can find whether there is an increase in the CTR by keeping the campaign on while studying the customers’ responses through different days of the week and at different times of the day. Campaigns can be scheduled either on Google or on any other social media platform.

To wrap it up –

To optimize a Google ad, try not to use non-user-friendly URLs and not rely solely on Google ads but to make a strong cross channel marketing strategy and remarket on various channels. And lastly, note that all the brands and niches have their target audiences which behave differently. The key to optimizing Google ads and their campaigns is to test continuously to modify, target, and message the ads to befit the specific brand and its target customer.


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