How to optimize and increase sales on social media

Having an online presence is not new nowadays. Many brands and sales professionals have now started selling and creating a sales strategy revolving around social media selling. Wave goodbye to the traditional sales approach. Let’s welcome the social media selling, which is a modern-times approach connecting brands with targeted customers and providing valuable resources by establishing awareness as well as trust. To make the most of this active online presence, the digital marketeers and sellers will have to roll up their sleeves to get digital and social savvy and seize the opportunity to increase sales through online social media selling.

Here are six tips which one can learn from SEOs to improve your social media optimisation:

1. Strategy Optimisation –

To optimise a social media strategy, one needs to focus on increasing social media presence while achieving results that can be measured. The strategy can be optimized through the following –

• Social goals should be able to solve challenges
• One should extend the efforts even at the organisational level
• Focus only networks that add value
• Create a highly engaging content
• Identify the business opportunities which can come through the social network
• Engage the target audience instead of ignoring them
• Track the efforts improvise and finally market them

After proper documentation of the strategy, review and see where necessary improvisation is needed.

2. Keyword Research is a must –

SEO depends upon keyword research. It means identifying all those word-topics and phrases which the target audience uses for searching or surfing the web. On their identification, create relevant content for those keywords. The same principle applies to social media optimisation also. Here one needs to know what topics, keywords, or hashtags the target audience uses so that content relevant to their interests can be shared. This research will also help in learning when to use hashtags and phrases in the social media posts to make it relevant to the brand and have a higher chance of being found by the people.

3. Profile Optimisation –

Social media optimisation is similar to optimising a website for SEO. The only difference is that on social media, a company needs to optimise its profile. Creating a profile looks like an easy task for many businesses, but here is where SMO finds loopholes. If the profile is weak, then anything built on top of it will be challenging to maintain and thereby sustain. To make a durable profile, use a company logo as a profile photo, and the username should be the name of the company. All these will make your customers find you easily. Place a trackable link in the Bio so that it can lead back to the website. Add relevant keywords to the link in the Bio to attract more traffic. Also, complete the profile, 100% will capture more attention.

4. Content Optimisation –

Social media marketing cannot be successful if the content quality is not good. Content, both original and curated, needs to be of high-quality. The content should have a reliable heading, lots of relevant images, hashtags, and an appropriate length of the post.

5. Posting Schedule Optimisation –

The time of posting any of the social media posts is crucial. One should determine the best time to post and how often a post has to be reposted or repeated. According to the research, the best time to post is during the highest engagement of the target audience. Also, there should be a right frequency chosen to repost as not to harass the customer with a string of questions and headlines.

6. Use Social Media Analytics to track and improve –

Social Media Analytics should be used to track the SMO efforts undertaken. Google Analytics with UTM codes can help track the SMO efforts while helping with shortened URLs to attract more traffic to the website from the social media platforms to a specific campaign or a channel. Additionally, reports received from a social media marketing tool can give an exact picture of the effectiveness of the campaign.

Changes in the marketing effort take its own sweet time to show its impact. Social media marketing campaigns and their optimization will show a gradual but steady impact, and one has to keep on optimizing and striving to get better results.

What will Mo Mantra do?

Mo Mantra, with its blend of creativity and technology, will use all the possible SMO tactics to keep the content and the profile of the company highly engaging, thereby increasing brand awareness. Our team of art directors, designers, copywriters, and social media managers will look into completely optimizing your social media account so much that your online presence will work wonders for you. Furthermore, it will increase website traffic and lead to an increase in sales.
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