How Start-ups Can Survive and Succeed!!

The State of Things

The ideas below are not just in keeping with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic but also to help start-ups survive in a world of tech giants. The COVID-19 crisis has seen to 31% of businesses shutting down permanently, according to FastCompany. 41% of business were left with little choice but to access their savings to help them survive.

While losers reflect on the storm, winners see the silver lining…

  • The way businesses are run changed due to the coronavirus pandemic
  • People have ardently begun to find new and innovative ways to carry out business
  • Start-ups can enjoy and appreciate the new ‘playing field’ that has opened before them.
  • New products, services, opportunities, and growth has proven to exist in the wake of this crisis


What We Do

Mo Mantra has helped and advised major start-ups brands like Oneleph, Seros, SSA Finserv, and Erth. By building your brand with us, you can remake your corporate and e-commerce image to ensure that you not only survive this pandemic but also thrive in it.

  • We rely on the best elements of Performance Marketing, Social Media Optimization, and Organic Traffic by SEO to help set your business up for success
  • You need to give consumers something more than the every day, especially since everyday people are also experiencing difficulties during the COVID-19 situation

What this means is your business needs to modify some of its practices and adapt to a changing commercial and corporate landscape, one that is not far-fetched or impossible if you have a cleverly crafted strategy. This is where we come in.


Going Up

In this particular sector, tech giants have started ruling the roost, what with their vast resources; data, technology, funds, talent.

  • No need to fret. You can emulate/replicate their decisions and approaches by relying on our tailor-made solutions for your business
  • It’s not about being a copy-cat, but about taking the best parts of what tech giants work with and using them on a smaller scale to benefit your own services and brands
  • We help you figure out the major strengths of your own business as compared to that of select tech giants
  • Armed with this knowledge, we formulate niches, formats, and customer segments where you can shine more than most
  • We help you avoid mimicking without also throwing out the core work ethic of what worked in the real world for companies much larger than yours.

All of this translates to improved short-term results for your business. After all, even a normal year will see you rushing to stay afloat and ensure that you are not beaten to the finish line where this or that idea or strategy is concerned. We help you make a unique statement.



Once the Mo Mantra team has helped you create a winning strategy and have checked off all your strengths and weaknesses, we enter the categorization phase, where the game changes into one of finding potential customers and investors. Trust us when we say that’s a whole other ball game.

Armed with the right team, us included, your start-up can only succeed where others have failed or are struggling to do so. Good data and better implementation can help start-ups gain an enviable upper hand in today’s uncertain world.



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