Don’t Stop Spending On Your Brand in Time Of Crisis


Given the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been serious implications on people, healthcare services and business. While the demand for medical care and essential goods skyrocket through the roof, consumers cut expenses on luxury goods such as fine dining, apparel, beauty, and hospitality. As the global economy succumbs to the recession, bankruptcies and corporate layoffs seem inevitable throughout 2020. As per the economic reports, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) promises recovery only in Q2 2021.

Social Media Presence That Spreads Awareness

In such times, maintaining the brand image is your highest priority as many others crumble due to lack of funds and capitalization. With lesser competition, this is the perfect time to invest in your brand, its social media presence, increase followers and connect with the audience. First things first, conserve valuable cash and pause non-crucial marketing activities to retain the brand. Position your social media presence to convey a message of solidarity and hope, at this time. Relate the Covid-19 situation to your business, and rearrange your brand awareness priorities over lead generation activity.

When Content Is More Than Beautiful Wording

Reassess your guidelines and campaigns focusing on a better future using automated emails, video advertisements and other promotional material. Consumers are fearful of their future, so the tone, copy, keywords, visual imagery and presentation must be hopeful, comforting and positive. Now that social distancing and personal hygiene are of paramount importance, change your sales priorities and use media to spread awareness – a good idea would be to direct customers to reputable healthcare agency websites for verified information.

Do not take this as an opportunity to exploit your customers in their already-distressed situation, and mint easy money. It’s plain disrespectful and you will pay for it in the long-term.

Social Awareness That Creates A Ripple

In these times of crisis, direct your traffic and traction towards your brand using suitable material such as attractive and informative social media posts, videos and interviews. Moreover, many high-end brands have devoted themselves to manufacturing and distributing healthcare essentials to the public such as masks, gloves, and sanitizers. This helps them gain an edge over their competitors, connects them to the audience and performs a social duty above everything else.

There have been rise and drops in certain industries, such as healthcare and essential services. Get your in-house marketing team into work to create a trending hashtag, blogs and online visual content for information and entertainment. Prepare your business your website and social media presence for the future, by ensuring voice search and search engine optimization. Your sales resources should include digital funnel and social media presence to ensure conversions – more than your competitors.

Digital Marketing To Create An Impact

When it comes to digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is used to achieve higher rankings in the search engine’s organic results. A complete framework in itself, SEO ensures high-speed, user-friendliness and easier navigation of the website. Organic search can make all the difference between leads, conversions, and engagement. Though Google owns 75 percent of the search market, we must concentrate on the other 25 percent as well – Bing, Internet Explorer and Yahoo. It builds credibility with efficient user experience, maximum visibility, increased traffic and conversions and intelligent keywords that can generate revenue.

How To Develop an SEO-friendly Website?

Your website traffic can drop for several reasons – poor-quality content, spamming, keyword stuffing, plagiarised content, lack of fresh and informative content, slow loading speed and broken links could only be some of the reasons. So, how do you optimize an SEO-friendly website?

  • Clearly explain the objective of your website in simple, plain English – no beating about the bush
  • Create fresh, informative and user-friendly content using visuals wherever applicable
  • Communicate with your readers, and engage with other websites as well
  • Simplify your URLs for easy visitor navigation
  • An XML sitemap promotes your website on search engines
  • Your website should be compatible with both desktop and mobile devices
  • Internal linking within the website engages the visitor further to read your content
  • Use relevant keywords sparingly and only where necessary
  • Don’t use clickbait headlines or links; it puts off the audience
  • Use intelligent meta tags and meta descriptions

It’s an uncertain future ahead, but let us not lose heart. All of us are trying our best to navigate through the distress, fear, and skepticism with a positive mind and giving heart. Though business comes first, we must retain the human in us and walk towards a successful tomorrow.

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