Different Ways To Get Website Traffic

Although organic SEO is the best way to build a website’s reputation, it has to be said – it takes time. So there is no harm in applying a hybrid model. One that employs the best of both worlds – organic and paid SEO. This way, not only are you kickstarting the website traffic generation process fast, you are saving time as well.

Marketers and business owners know that waiting for organic SEO to take its effect would be losing out to the competition. A product or service needs to be out there amidst the public as fast as fast can be. And this is where paid search comes in handy.

So what are the different ways to generate website traffic? Is it just paid search advertisements and crawler friendly sites? Not exactly. There is more to it. Let’s inspect some of them.

Paid advertising

Display advertising, banner advertising, paid search – all of these are techniques that will surely bring your brand instant recognition. These techniques get the word out and get it out fast and spread it around like wildfire. If you are looking for commercial-grade keyword research so that traffic to your website is converted into sales, Mo Mantra can help you with commercial intent keywords research. There is definitely high competition for these keywords. But spending money on these keywords will pay off. Remember that the Internet is being used by billions of users!

Social media advertising

Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook are some of the many social media websites to target. Simply put up a profile page, and start amassing followers. Get likes, shares, visits, re-shares, comments, tweets. This is the best place to build great content. Something that is interesting and useful for people. So that they keep coming back to your social media page. In turn, you can create leads and prospects for your business.

Compelling copywriting

Write it right. Carve content that compels people to read. Dish out interesting headlines. Never entertain the mundane, or ordinary. Be different, but in a useful way. Great content will always pull people to your website. Good content is now not just about text. It’s about infographics, images, videos as well. Mix up the content of your website with multimedia. Put in a tutorial or two. Set up a FAQ page. Be as personable as possible. Allow the visitor free will on your website. It should not look like the visitor is amidst a group of hard-nosed salespeople when in your site.

Guest blog and invite others to do on your site

Brand sell. Did you know that people are brands too? That’s why marketers use celebrities, subject matter experts, and the who’s who to sell brands. You can start guest blogging at popular high-traffic websites and built a reputation for yourself. Anything that you link to, say, write, or recommendations will be taken seriously. You can start linking to a product or service or website you are promoting once you establish yourself. You can also invite others, who are knowledgeable in a subject matter or who command a high follower-base either online or offline to start blogging for you.

Publish interviews with thought leaders on your blog

There are millions of people out there with so much knowledge, experience, and know-how. Interview these people. Put out the Q & A on your blog. You would be surprised as to how your website visitors will respond to it. They would love it! Not only will this boost your website’s traffic, but build your website’s reputation.

Mo Mantra helps you build your website’s reputation. Once the reputation is consolidated, there’s no looking back. You are well on your way to anywhere you wish to go.


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