Convert Google Ad Users In Search, Video And Discovery Using Lead Form

New lead form extensions have now been extended to Google’s Search, Video, and Discovery. This means that when users click on any ad headline, they are directly led to the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) instead of taking users first to the advertiser’s landing page to submit the lead form. 


For the user, it means that when they click on any ad headline, they can choose to visit the business’s website or return back to the search page. 


What are the benefits of these in-SERP lead forms?

Google claims that when businesses implement an in-SERP lead form, it leads to an increase in their ad engagement. As a result, the conversion rate also increases considerably.


But Google is not just making these claims arbitrarily. They are letting businesses and advertisers download 30 days of lead data to develop the best possible webhooks for their requirements. 


What kinds of businesses benefit from lead forms?

Lead form extensions being added to Google ads mean that users are never leaving the SERP. This can hugely benefit businesses with keywords that appear further down the funnel. Search engine optimization(SEO) have long since used in-SERP lead form to generate interest for keywords with generally less traffic. 


The main aim of lead forms is to add an increased automation layer that leads to a user having less control over their experience with ads. While this might be good for businesses with a significant user base trying to increase conversions, it might not be beneficial for newer brands whose audience is not looking to convert yet. 

Businesses need to conduct in-depth CRM and find how far along users are on becoming customers. Businesses whose ads target mostly awareness-level users may not benefit much from Google ads lead forms. 


Which businesses are eligible for using Google in-SERP lead form extensions?

Advertisers need to fulfill certain criteria to be eligible to use Google’s lead form extensions. Advertisers who use sensible verticals are not eligible. To be eligible, advertisers must have a history of complying with Google’s policies, and these businesses must also have their own privacy policy that will be included in the lead form. 

Another essential eligibility criterion is that businesses must be spending more than USD 50,000 on Google ads. Only these businesses can avail lead form extensions for Video or Discovery.


In-SERP innovations

 In-SERP lead form extensions are a new and innovative addition to the paid advertising feature of Google. It promises high rates of conversion by letting users stay in the SERP throughout the whole process, thus enabling better optimization. 

Businesses with established customer bases who have already built a market for themselves will find lead form extensions beneficial. It makes the conversion process easier and faster for prospective buyers. As Google ads updates and adapts itself to users’ and advertisers’ needs, in-SERP operations like the lead forms might become the norm of the day.


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